Marijuana & Driving Laws


Many cases of DUI after using marijuana have been arising in Colorado. Over the past few months we have witnessed many monumental changes in marijuana laws in the State Of Colorado.  I often get asked how much marijuana you can have in your possession, and if you are able to drive after you use marijuana. Here is the latest in a series of Lawyer Q&A regarding marijuana and driving laws.

Q: What are the laws on driving with marijuana in your possession?

My answer: ”There is no specific law saying that you can’t have marijuana in your possession unless you are under 21 or if the quantity is too high. You can’t buy over an ounce and you can’t grow more than 6 plants. There are City laws also that can limit how much you can have. You are also not allowed to smoke in public.”

Another question which I touched on in an earlier blog post is “Are you allowed to drive if you use medical marijuana and are licensed by the state?” The answer is no. Just like other prescribed medications that can impair your ability to drive, if the level of marijuana in your system is too high, you may be convicted of a DUI.

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