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Boulder DUI & DWAI Attorney

A DUI is one of the most difficult criminal cases to defend, because it is typically based on an officer’s direct observation, bolstered in many cases by so-called “objective” chemical testing. Every DUI case is unique and you’ll need the representation of an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney. Contact Paul Stuber at (303) 442-6448 as soon as possible to begin the process of protecting every right you have throughout the process under the laws of Colorado.

If you are arrested for DUI or DWAI in Boulder, Colorado you can lose your license before ever stepping foot in a court room. If you are convicted you can go to jail, have a permanent criminal record, be assessed big fines, lose your driver license, and be required to undergo treatment.

You likely need to request a hearing with the Colorado DMV within seven days, and in most cases you need to enter a “not guilty” plea to set up possible plea bargaining. Taking quick and aggressive action is the best way to ensure the most positive outcome possible. Read more about DUI/DWAI defense in Boulder.

Boulder Bankruptcy Attorney

Falling behind on debt is unsettling for any person or family. No one wants unpaid bills piling up, but circumstances sometimes make it impossible for hard-working people to get ahead. The end result often leads to the embarrassment caused by harassing phone calls from creditors, care repossessions, garnishment of wages, home foreclosures, and even lawsuits. Fortunately, the law recognizes that honest people often get caught in the quicksand of debt, and filing for bankruptcy offers hope for future financial stability.

Anyone who owes more than their assets are worth, or who is unable to make payment as they come due, should speak with a Boulder bankruptcy attorney regarding their eligibility for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy courts will consider your assets, how much money you make, your location, as well as your debts to determine whether you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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Paul has extensive knowledge and experience with the Boulder court system. Based on Paul’s stellar testimonials, you will feel confident that he will help you. He is also one of a few Boulder attorneys that offers set fees and payment terms if needed.

“Paul is expert at what he does. In addition to that, he defies the traditional image of an attorney. He is compassionate, and fair. No games, just good representation and results”.

“What also impressed me, was his timely manner in returning phone calls and great communication. I would highly recommend him for any legal issue you may need him for.”

“Paul has handled a variety of legal issues for me over the years. Everything from an easement problem with a neighbor to bankruptcy to a will…”

“I felt my world was falling apart the day I finally decided to call Paul”

“…his personal attention to details made all the difference to a positive outcome.”

“5 STARS and MORE to Paul!! He was highly recommended to me and I highly recommend him to you!”

Estate Planning & Trusts

Estate planning is important for everyone–not just the wealthy. Proper planning ensures that the assets you’ve worked hard to accumulate are distributed in the manner you choose—whether it be to the people that are most meaningful to you or to a cause that you believe in.

However, estate planning encompasses more than just money. A well-drafted estate plan also lets you determine who will make important choices if you are unable to make them yourself. It allows you to name a trusted person to make health care decisions and manage your finances if you are incapacitated. And, for those with young children, it allows you to decide who will take care of them after you are gone.

Paul’s estate planning clients include owners of closely held and family owned businesses, business executives and retired individuals. Paul regularly advises these clients on complex financial matters including gifting strategy, and succession planning. His estate planning work also includes providing estate planning documents for United States citizens residing abroad and foreign nationals with property interests in Colorado. His probate work has included numerous disputes relating to will and trust administration and construction, including will contests.

Use Estate Planning; including trusts, wills, and conservatorships to transfer your assets to your heirs without delay, or additional costs, and to ensure your family’s financial health.


How Much Does a Colorado Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cost?

We are one of a few Boulder bankruptcy attorneys with a fixed rate. Our fee covers all of your costs including court costs.  We do not pay your credit counseling and the financial management session; which is typically an additional $25 to $50.

Bankruptcy Myths

While it’s common to be scared of bankruptcy, I want to reassure you that bankruptcy is a process designed to protect you (the debtor), and help you restart your financial life by giving you the debt relief you need as quickly as possible.

Myth #1: After Bankruptcy, I Can’t Get Credit for 7 Years

Yes. Your Bankruptcy will be on your credit report for ten years. However, you can start rebuilding your credit within months with a secured credit card, and most of your credit score is based on your prior three years of credit history. Accept a credit card offer, and start making regular on-time payments. Read about more myths…

Qualifying for Bankruptcy Protection

Anyone who owes more than their assets are worth, or who is unable to make payments as they come due, should speak with a Boulder lawyer regarding their eligibility for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy courts will consider your assets, how much money you make, your location, as well as your debts to determine whether you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Read more..

Advantages of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  1. You will get a fresh start
  2. You have protection against wage garnishment immediately after filing.
  3. Creditor calls will stop.
  4. Eliminate most, if not all of your debt for good.
  5. Your case is usually resolved in 3 to 6 months.

There are situations in which other types of bankruptcy will be more beneficial. Read more… or call Boulder attorney, Paul Stuber, for a Free Consultation at (303) 442-6448.

Divorce and Bankruptcy

Both spouse are responsible for the debts incurred during the marriage. In a divorce you will splitting the assets and debts with your spouse. A divorce does not bind creditors. They can come after either party to collect debts. In most cases, it makes sense to file for bankruptcy before divorce. Whether you file a bankruptcy before or after divorce depends on where you live, what assets you have, how much debt you have, and what type of bankruptcy will work best for you. Every case is different. Call Boulder attorney Paul Stuber for a free personal consultation to see what’s in your best interest.


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