5 Tips for safe driving this winter

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 17 percent of vehicle accidents occur in winter. It’s a treacherous time for driving -not only because of the icy, snowy, and cold weather- but also because of the influx of alcohol use by those who are celebrating the season. You definitely don’t want to need the services of a Boulder DUI attorney this winter, so heed these five tips for driving safely in winter conditions.  

Stay home  

The easiest advice that any Boulder DUI attorney could give to most of his or her clients is to just stay home. Driving in winter weather wouldn’t even be a problem, especially if you’ve had a drink or two celebrating the festive season, if the celebrations occurred at home. If winter weather descends upon your community, do yourself a favor and skip the party for a quiet, safe night at home. 

Drive slow

The NHTSA recommends that drivers drive much slower during winter weather. It’s a well-known fact that it’s harder to stop your car in slick, icy, or snowy conditions. Give yourself extra time to stop by driving at a slower speed than you normally would in warmer weather.  

Have your car checked

One of the smartest tips for winter driving happens before winter even arrives. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment for your car to be checked by a knowledgeable mechanic during the fall season. Ask them to check the car from bumper to bumper and pay special attention to the parts that you’ll depend on for safe winter driving like the battery, tires, brakes, lights, windshield wipers, cooling system, and even your floor mats.  

Always have a DD

If you do have a winter party on your calendar that you just don’t want to miss, you can still do so safely by always having a designated driver. According to the US Department of Transportation, more than 300 people die each year because of drunk driving during the holidays. Don’t let such an unfortunate circumstance wreck your holiday cheer – always have a DD.

Stay alert

It’s also important, for safe winter driving, to stay alert. Falling snow can be hypnotic, and it’s important if you’re driving in heavy snow to maintain your focus on the road and cars ahead of you. Maintain alertness on the conditions around you and the traffic around you to ensure that you arrive at your destination safely.