Lawyer Q&A: Medical Marijuana

 David Kosmecki, Justin Klitch

Due to all of the new laws passed at the beginning of the year, several questions are presented to me on a daily basis. Here is another round of Lawyer Q&A, with this weeks topic on Marijuana and DUI laws. I have been practicing law in Boulder, Colorado for over 20 years and specialize in DUI defense.  Please contact me today if you are in need of DUI defense or any attorney services. I am here to help!

 Q: “Are you allowed to drive if you use medical marijuana and are licensed by the state?”

My answer:

There are many prescribed medications that will impair your ability to drive. Any of them, including medical marijuana, could cause you to be guilty of a DUI or DWAI. If you drive and your tested blood shows levels of the medication or THC from Marijuana then you may be impaired and may be convicted. It is a very serious business and the police are cracking down on Medical Marijuana and driving.

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