New Colorado DUI Laws for 2014

In 1998, the Persistent Drunk Driver Act was passed. This legislation increased the penalties for people with repeat DUI convictions or very high blood alcohol concentrations (BAC). Recent changes, which took effect on Jan. 1, 2014, lower the BAC at which a driver is classified as a persistent drunk driver from 0.17 to 0.15 percent.

Another change to the law effects anyone who refuses to take a breath, or blood, test when arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. Refusal to take the tests will now enable that person to be classified as a persistent drunk driver.

Penalties Are Not to Be Taken Lightly

Penalties can be severe, even if it’s a person’s first DUI conviction. If you’re classified as a persistent drunk driver you have to undergo drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and you need to install ignition interlock devices on your vehicles for two years in order to regain driving privileges. Not to mention, that people classified as “persistent drunk drivers” by the court must wait 30 days (60 days on a refusal) before getting a probationary driver’s license with the ignition interlock use. You should apply early as it takes sometimes weeks to get authorization.
There are also penalties that people convicted of DUI face in addition to the DMV. There are criminal ones; these include fines, jail time, public service, court costs, and penalty surcharges.

Get Professional Help

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Avoid a Bad Lawyer

The quality of your legal team can affect the outcome of your case. Boulder attorney, Paul Stuber, has 31 years of experience, and he wants to remind you all lawyers are not the same. They have different skill sets, experience and personalities. There is a lot of information about how to pick an attorney. In the text below, Paul tells you how to avoid a bad one.

Learn their work habits.

Unreturned phone calls and email: A lack of communication can indicate that the attorney is too busy, unsure of what to do next, or simply not giving you the attention that you deserve.

Unanswered emails fall into the same category.

Missed deadlines: Missing deadlines and court filing deadlines can damage your case. Find another lawyer immediately if your attorney misses even one deadline.

Poor attitude: Your lawyer is not superior to you. If s/he is rude, condescending, impatient, or non-communicative it can create unnecessary conflict and tension.
Organization: Disorganization is not a great sign.

Promises, Promises: Attorneys should not promise a specific outcome under any circumstances. Treat such promises as a red flag, and look for other warning signs.

Pay attention to their work area.

It’s not likely that a struggling attorney will have a penthouse suite, and it’s not necessarily a sign that the attorney is not successful if they have a modest office. Here are a few signs that the practice may not be doing so well:

Office space in disrepair: this may mean that there have been some lean financial times recently.
Empty offices: if your attorney works for a larger practice and there are lots of empty offices this may mean that the firm has had a lot of turn-over, very rapid growth, or financial issues.

Messy office: While successful attorneys do have offices that can look a little unorganized, it’s important to note that office clutter can be a sign of inefficiency.

Unopened mail: Stacks of unopened mail may signify an unresponsive attorney, or an attorney without the support needed to handle cases effectively.

Notice the staff at the practice.

If the attorney has staff working with him/her, how s/he interacts with the staff members can provide clues to the attorney’s effectiveness, competence and ethics.

A look at the lawyer’s staff members and how he interacts with personnel can provide clues to his effectiveness, competence, reliability and ethics. The three worst signs are:
• Unhappy staff
• High turn-over
• Lack of staff

If you’re unsure if your attorney is providing you with good representation, don’t hesitate to make a change. Trust your instincts. If you have any questions, contact Boulder attorney, Paul Stuber for a free phone consultation (303) 442-6448, or to schedule an appointment.

DUI Attorneys Tell You What the District Attorney and Police Won’t

Part of the DA’s job is to get quick, easy convictions. S/He is not obligated to tell you all of the details of the State’s case. For example, you may not know

  1. If the DA’s witnesses against you are reliable and available.
  2. He has evidence that may clear you.
  3. If there were problems with your blood alcohol tests

dui checkpoint

It’s not likely that the DA will tell you that you need to go to the Division of Motor Vehicles within seven days of your license revocation and request a hearing. You should also request that the arresting office be present, and you can do this by checking the box on the “hearing request form.”


Do you think that every arresting officer is going to tell you that you have the right to refuse a portable breathalizer test? Do you know that the officer must have probable cause before you can be arrested or required to take any chemical test? There are also several preliminary motions that can be filed to protect your rights. But, don’t try and play amateur DUI attorney. DUI and DWAI are serious charges, regardless if they are for alcohol or marijuana.


Boulder DUI Attorney works with DUI for marijuana cases which are on the rise. 

What if you’re faced with a choice to go to jail, or a detox center? Do you know where you will be better off?

If you find yourself arrested for a DUI, you can present a DUI defense on your own, and run the risk that you’ll make a mistake, or can contact an experienced Boulder DUI attorney like Paul Stuber at (303) 442-6448 to help you protect your rights and minimize the consequences of your Boulder, CO DUI

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Breath Tests


When the police contact you and suspect that you may have been drinking they ask for roadside tests. One roadside test is called the “pbt” for a portable breath test device. They have you blow into a handheld device. This is not the breath test that they use to determine if you lose your license. It is a screening device to see if you should be arrested and then be given a breath test. Many times in my practice I have had clients who thought that this pbt was a breath test and refused to do any more. This is then considered a refusal by the police, and you will lose your license even if the test result on the pbt was well under the legal limit. It is very important to know the difference between these tests. They do not trust the first roadside test to be reliable enough to be the official test and they must offer you the more reliable test on the big machine back at the jail or police station. Under the consent law in Colorado you have consented to do this test and if you refuse you may lose your license just for that refusal.

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Colorado Marijuana Laws

Everyone needs to understand the impact of legal marijuana and driving. It may be legal now to have and ingest THC in Colorado, but it is still criminal to operate a vehicle in the State of Colorado and across the country after you do. As with alcohol, and other prescription drugs you may be allowed to take THC but if it “impairs your ability to drive safely, to even the slightest degree” you have broken the law and may face jail time and certainly face large expenses. They have blood tests to show active THC, but even if you refuse a test they will charge you with a DUI.

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How To Find A Great Attorney In Boulder, Colorado


Here are 5 helpful tips from The Law Office Of Paul Stuber on how to find a great attorney. Click on the video above for a video featuring Paul Stuber on how to find a great attorney.

1.    Find their reputation 

 2.    Get to know the attorney

 3.    Communicate your needs clearly 

 4.    Find out their past experience 

 5.    Find out their area of expertise 

If you are looking for an experienced attorney in the Boulder, Colorado area let The Law Office Of Paul Stuber help! Here you will receive personal attention, and you can feel confident that you are also getting the appropriate attention. Flexible payment schedules available, call (303) 442-6448 for a free consultation!

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