What should I do if I get a DUI for alcohol or THC?

First, if your blood alcohol level was over .08, or you refused a test and they took your license and gave you an Affidavit of Revocation, or if you have submitted to a test of your blood and the results show a 5 nanogram THC level per milliliter, you will need to request a hearing with Motor Vehicles within the first seven days. There are various ways of requesting the attendance at the hearing. Call me and I can clear up the details for your case.

Next, you need to enter a not guilty plea to set up a possible plea bargain, or to set up a trial date. I will do that forDefiance-woman-guilty-of-DUI-but-death-was-unavoidable
you and then you do not have to go to court on the date of the ticket. We will get discovery (this is a copy of all the documents that the DA has against you) and see what the best approach is to attack this charge.

DUI defense is a large part of my practice. As a DUI attorney, I have been in the courts in Boulder, Weld, Adams, and Larimer Counties on a regular basis. Especially in Boulder I am in good standing with all the Judges and have a good working relationship with the lawyers in the District Attorney’s office. I know what arguments will be productive and what would not help. I have structured many plea bargains that take into mind what is best for my client. I will make sure that your best interest is paramount.

Please give me a call (303-442-6448 ) so I can talk with you about your unique situation and give you the advice to help make the best of a difficult situation. I will let you know what actions you should take now to make the penalty phase turn out best for you.

There are two different actions in most DUI cases. First there is the administrative procedure regarding your license with the DMV. Then there is the misdemeanor criminal case to be heard in County Court. As a Boulder DUI attorney, I have been practicing since 1983 and followed each year with the changes with the DMV and the County Court. I want you to  feel confident that your rights are protected and that someone will guide you through the maze that is our justice system.

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