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Paul Stuber was everything we needed in an attorney. Polite, understanding and very Knowledgeable. He read all my e-mails and walked us through the process regarding a DUI and had the DA in Boulder reduce to a very favorable resolution. We would recommend him to anyone looking for a competent attorney.

This customer WOULD recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.
by Jeff C. on 2/21/2014
Class Act Attorney!
5.0 stars

Posted by Melissa

Hired attorney

A+, 5 Star, Class Act attorney!!! I was absolutely overwhelmed and terrified when I called Paul to discuss my 2nd DUI. Paul was nonjudgmental, honest, knowledgeable and up front about the possible outcomes. He was generous with his time and patient through all of my questions and rambling concerns. Paul had a sense of calm and confidence that put me at ease, which was no small task! He handled himself professionally in court and procured an outcome better than I expected. Highly recommended!!! I plan to use his services for all my future attorney needs…


Excellent attorney!

5.0 stars

Posted by Eric

 I called 36 different lawyers after getting my first DUI. After talking with all them I contacted Paul and it was the best decision of my life. He Helped me through every step of the court processes and explained everything as we went. He is Very Knowledgeable about all the laws and does everything in his power to help you. I would Highly recommend him for anyone that ended up in my position. He is a fair price and will work with you on payments to. I really appreciate everything he did for me and ill never get another DUI but will recommend him to anyone that does. Thank you again Paul!!

Posted on 06/11/2015 by ellen23

Paul Stuber is exactly the kind of person you want as your attorney!

Posted on 06/11/2015
Paul will make you feel comfortable through all steps of the process.
He is fair and professional.
Paul is a great choice when you need an attorney.