Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Colorado; Do You Qualify?

While Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Colorado discharges most debt, you must qualify by meeting an income limitation. Boulder Bankruptcy Attorney, Paul Stuber has been helping

Ch 7 Ch 13 Differences Boulder, CO. area residents regain control of their lives for more than 25 years by quickly and effectively guiding them through every aspect of their Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Here’s how it works.

Paul guides you through a qualification process called the Chapter 7 Means Test. You can learn about the test, and complete a pre-qualification questionnaire online. Most people do qualify. But, it’s a little tricky.

The Colorado Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Means Test involves comparing your income to a family the same size as yours in Colorado. If your income falls below the median amount you can usually qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Colorado. If your income is higher than the State mean for a family your size you can still qualify through a process that involves calculating your monthly expenses , income, and debt.

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