DUI Attorneys Tell You What the District Attorney and Police Won’t

Part of the DA’s job is to get quick, easy convictions. S/He is not obligated to tell you all of the details of the State’s case. For example, you may not know

  1. If the DA’s witnesses against you are reliable and available.
  2. He has evidence that may clear you.
  3. If there were problems with your blood alcohol tests

dui checkpoint

It’s not likely that the DA will tell you that you need to go to the Division of Motor Vehicles within seven days of your license revocation and request a hearing. You should also request that the arresting office be present, and you can do this by checking the box on the “hearing request form.”


Do you think that every arresting officer is going to tell you that you have the right to refuse a portable breathalizer test? Do you know that the officer must have probable cause before you can be arrested or required to take any chemical test? There are also several preliminary motions that can be filed to protect your rights. But, don’t try and play amateur DUI attorney. DUI and DWAI are serious charges, regardless if they are for alcohol or marijuana.


Boulder DUI Attorney works with DUI for marijuana cases which are on the rise. 

What if you’re faced with a choice to go to jail, or a detox center? Do you know where you will be better off?

If you find yourself arrested for a DUI, you can present a DUI defense on your own, and run the risk that you’ll make a mistake, or can contact an experienced Boulder DUI attorney like Paul Stuber at (303) 442-6448 to help you protect your rights and minimize the consequences of your Boulder, CO DUI