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Lawyer Q&A: DUI

Here is the latest in a series of Lawyer Q&A. This weeks topic focuses again on DUI defense in Colorado. Q: The fifth amendment of the US constitution says that I do not have to incriminate myself. Why should I give a blood or breath test if stopped while driving? Isn’t it better if they […]

Attorney Services In Boulder, Colorado

If you live in Boulder or surrounding areas and need an attorney in areas that include Trust and Estate Planning, DUI Defense, and Bankruptcy give The Law Offices Of Paul Stuber a call today. I have been practicing law in Colorado since 1983. Check back to my blog weekly for more information on all of these areas. I will […]

Charged With A DUI In Colorado?

The Law Office Of Paul Stuber is located in Boulder, Colorado and is here to help.  If you are facing legal issues, whether criminal or civil, seek professional legal counsel to get your questions answered. I have been operating in Boulder since 1983. My practice deals with DUI-type misdemeanor criminal defense work. Q: When someone’s been […]

Lawyer Q&A: Marijuana Laws

Q: “Since laws have passed in Colorado legalizing recreational marijuana use, is it OK to smoke and drive?” A: The laws that govern smoking and driving are the same as the laws for drinking and driving. For those over 21, drinking alcohol and smoking pot may be legal, but when their use impairs or puts […]

What Should I Do If I Get A 2nd DUI?

The courts are very strict about repeat DUI cases. Usually on a first offense the defendant will say that it has been a wake up call and they will never get into this trouble again. The Judge warns them that a second time will be much more harsh. In the classes and probation they get […]

Estate Planning

Probably the most used of all estate planning documents is the Power of Attorney. There are two major types of POA: One being for assets or a general POA, and the other for medical decisions. This is often put into use in end of life care, but is also often needed during temporary conditions when […]