What Should I Do If I Get A 2nd DUI?

The courts are very strict about repeat DUI cases. Usually on a first offense the defendant will say that it has been a wake up call and they will never get into this trouble again. The Judge warns them that a second time will be much more harsh. In the classes and probation they get they are also warned. The Judge knows all of this when someone comes to court on a second. There will most certainly be jail time, even if the prior was a long time ago. In fact, if you have a prior, the jail sentence is 10 days to one year and the 10 days may not be suspended, split up or given good time.

If you have had two or more the minimum is 60 days and with that it must be served in a jail cell. The only break on the multiple offender is that it can be done with work release. More than that you can be charged as a habitual offender and eventually it can become a felony. The courts take a DUI seriously and even so much more seriously when it comes to multiple offenses.

In Boulder county there is a program called DITC that puts more into treatment and less on the punishment side. It is important to see if you can qualify for that program. I have had a number of graduates from this plan and it has worked very well for them.