Charged With A DUI In Colorado?

The Law Office Of Paul Stuber is located in Boulder, Colorado and is here to help.  If you are facing legal issues, whether criminal or civil, seek professional legal counsel to get your questions answered. I have been operating in Boulder since 1983. My practice deals with DUI-type misdemeanor criminal defense work.

Q: When someone’s been arrested, charged, and released, what are some of the first things they need to figure out? Do they even need a lawyer to help them? How serious might their case be?

A: Well, first of all, you
don’t have to have an
attorney represent you on
anything. You can defend
yourself on any kind of
charge, if you like. DUI
charges are serious because
they can carry up to a year
in jail. Having representation
probably makes sense. If you haven’t been involved in the system, it gets pretty confusing, and you need to make sure that somebody is there to protect you, and also so that you get the right results. If you have been arrested for DUI before then you’re dealing with much more serious consequences. Then it becomes even more important to have somebody look over your case, to make sure the prosecution is fulfilling his or her obligation, in order to make sure you get proper treatment in court.

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