What is the benefit of a trust over a will or no estate planning?

A trust allows you to do all the work that probate does now through a document. You trust someone to be your trustee and give them the authority to transfer the assets to your heirs without the delay, cost, or disclosure required in probate. A will tells the probate court what to do with your assets. A trust allows all of that to take place without involving the courts.

A trust could also help you use all of the present unified credit to avoid or lessen estate taxes. As a Boulder trust and estate planning attorney, I believe that anyone with real estate or assets of more than $30,000 and a desire to make life easier and less expensive for his or her heirs should have a trust.

Estate planning is a very sensitive and personal matter. I would be glad to meet with you at your home or in my office for a free consultation. This way we can see how much I can help you plan for a smoother future.